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Hola! Welcome to the realm of insane & wacky on theinsanefoodie

Here you will discover some of the most exotic food & drinks from around the world, tagged insane because of their outlandish presentation, uncommon marriage of ingredients or the unbelievably low price bargain!

At times it’s the length of effort one has to go through to find finger-licking food. You see most parts of the world are still not connected in the modern sense. In these places, you’ve got to rely on local advice, use rickety public transport or even stand for hours in never ending queues. But to theinsanefoodie, it’s all part of the experience, the journey is as important as the destination!

But the question often is, can you let go of your inhibitions to enjoy what follows?

theinsanefoodie has organically evolved from being a hobbyist food blog to a more informative journal, featuring cooking experiments, food trivia, travelogues and restaurant reviews.

Food is one of the best ways to explore the world, for it opens conversations with culturally diverse people, and see places in a completely new light! As a foodie, I’m sure the articles on this site will give you joy and satisfaction, encouraging you to explore life and new cultures like never before.

Oh and, I would love for you to leave your thoughts if something in one of the posts gets you to sit up and take note 😉

thank you for stumbling across theinsanefoodie!

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